Author - Lisa Trumbley

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Cast Away on a Deserted Island

Back in 2002 while running my last company, I was trying to evaluate my sales team’s effectiveness. As part of this exercise, I figured it would be easy to get some stats out of the phone system hanging on our wall to ensure that the sales calls were being made.

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Phone Contract Renewals What You Need to Know

Business phone contracts can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can ensure that you and your business are receiving all the promised features from your provider at the best possible price.

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Call Analytics for Business

Call Analytics is one of the main powerhouses of the Versature Business VoIP phone solution. Whether your role with your organization is as an office or IT manager, or more involved with your phone solution as a call center supervisor, making regular use of call analytics can afford huge efficiencies to your organization.

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Signs and Signals Your Business Needs a NEW Phone Solution

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign” Changing the communications backbone of an organization doesn’t have to be difficult. There are key business signals that tell you when your business should be looking for a new phone system, specifically, a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system.

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The Pitfalls of Small-Time VoIP Players

Every now and then some new “business phone VoIP!” provider quickly enters the Canadian telecommunications market and the team here at Gonevoip just cringes. All we can think of are the poor startups and SMBs that are going to fall prey to the promise of low-cost, innovative technology coming from these pop-up shops.