Cheap Internet Providers Canada

Many Canadians believe their only choice for purchasing internet services is to get locked into bundled packages with the major telecom companies. These packages can really eat into your budget especially if you have limitations based on data usage or cell phone minutes. It also forces you to take additional services you might not need, such as a landline for your home phone or cable for television. However, the good news is there are plenty of cheap internet providers available in Canada to suit your budget and specific service needs.

To find the cheapest internet provider in Canada it used to take a lot of research, but with GoneVoIP you’ll find the best services available in your area all in one place. The cheapest internet providers of 2020 offer the same services as large telecom companies whether you are looking for home internet, business internet, condo internet, or rural internet services. Regardless of your needs you can seek out the best prices whether you want a package for all of your telecom services, or are just looking for a dependable, affordable, speedy internet service.

Cheapest Internet Canada

Connectivity Options

You have a number of different connectivity options available whether you are seeking business or home internet services. You can seek out the cheapest internet providers based on your preferred mode of connectivity. The features and requirements vary based on the service you choose including:

  • DSL: A digital subscriber line is provided by phone companies but uses technology that works independently of the phone line. This means you can still take and make phone calls when online.
  • Fiber: Fiber services go directly from the source to the home for less interference and faster delivery. It is an adaptable technology which means it will remain relevant as newer devices and smart home products evolve.
  • Cable: Cable accesses the internet via a cable router and jack. The cable can be very speedy but can also be slowed down as it is shared with other customers in your area.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Wi-Fi is a needed service if you are using laptops and handheld devices such as cell phones and tabloids. Most internet providers offer some form of Wi-Fi access in combination with your existing services.

Avoid March/April Price Boosts

Seeking the best deals with local cheap internet providers can also help you avoid the annual price hikes major telecom companies tend to apply in the spring. These price hikes can be astronomical, often as much as 16 percent or more. Even if you have a contract, most have time-limited or restricted promotions that can mean you end up paying the full, pumped up price two or three months into your contract. You have to read the fine print and ask questions when signing these contracts to find out just how much your true price will be once their “special” promotions end.

GoneVoIP has provided an easy comparison chart here to help you find cheap internet providers in your area.

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