Online Fax Service in Canada Canada

Like other legacy business tools from our past, fax machines that were once a staple of every Canadian office are seemingly scarcer.  However, GoneVoIP observes the frequency of online fax transmission is quite healthy and fulfills an important process for many enterprises.

Today fax output is legally recognized as a binding document.   Internet faxing is used for physical or digital signature exchanges in insurance, medical records, legal discovery, and more.

An Online Fax service will pass files through a fax gateway to encrypt the content while providing a digital audit trail to confirm privacy and delivery.  Generally, fax traffic is not subject to viruses and other email vulnerabilities.

Paperless Faxing - Save Money & Gain Convenience

Even for light and moderate fax users a favorable business case for converting from fixed fax hardware and local lines in every location to online fax service is easy to accomplish. The smart enterprises benefit with a fixed expense while saving on paper, toner, a local voice, long-distance, 1-800 tolls, maintenance fees, office space, and courier services.

The inevitable paper jams, fading toner, and various headaches are eliminated and replaced with simple integration with everyday tools such as Microsoft Office, Acrobat PDF, mobile phone/camera, existing email, or a new app with a simple web GUI. The users still retain functions of call logs, custom cover pages, and local number assignments in an online fax number service. Moreover, the migration to fully automated processes can be achieved by partnering with one of the top online fax services.

Security Considerations

More secure than a paper output, the online fax gives you no need to run down to, or stand by a fax machine to pick up your sensitive documents. Federal security standards are satisfied if you’re interfacing with health care providers requiring Canadian PIPEDA compliance or HIPAA in the USA.

Are you ready to buy an Online Fax Service?

  • Are your suppliers, business partners, or customers committed to fax exchanges for the foreseeable future?
  • Are you driving towards full automation of IT processes but the physical faxing is slowing down the organization?
  • Do you understand your current usage and costs? Are you spending too much on paper, hardware and courier services just to complete orders or circulate final contracts?
  • Has your workforce gone mobile? Is being tethered to a fax machine & local line is no longer practical?
  • Does your data transmission and storage need to meet federal compliance standards?

Which is the best fax service for small business?

There are a few guiding parameters to compare online fax services and select which is best for your needs and desired budget. How does your prospective provider score on these main criteria?

  • Ease of Use: Does the GUI look and feel intuitive to be easily understood by your staff?
  • Mobility: Do fax users need the independence of the home office, variable hours & the freedom of the road?
  • Visibility and Control: Are there tools provided for you to oversee your usage and spending?
  • Flexibility: Is there hard contract commitments or flexibility should the world change?
  • Support: Is there confidence that your technical support needs will be met?
  • Costs: Multiple price models exist amongst providers. Are hidden usage fees hitting should your usage spike?

GoneVoip compiles and asses the best online fax service for business to assist in your growth evolution. Real-life reviews from current customers are encouraged and shared for you to make informed decisions.

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