Yak’s (Home Phone) Mobile Extension

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Written by Yak Canada.

Staying connected can be challenging, especially when you have multiple contact points and a limit on voice and data services across those devices. Finding a solution that keeps all communication centralized and inexpensive would make things easier, but such an innovation doesn’t exist. Or does it?

What is Yak’s Mobile Extension?

Yak’s Mobile Extension service is delivered in the form of an easily downloaded app for your Android or iOS phone. It ports calls from your digital home phone to your mobile. You enjoy all of the same features using home and away technology. Boasting 11 features, unlimited free local calling and hundreds of free North American long distance minutes every month, Yak has zeroed in on minimizing customer’s costs wherever life takes them. Best of all, all home phone and mobile usage is tracked in each customer’s MyAccount portal (in one place, on one screen), so there’s no need to reference multiple portals. That’s the ease, simplicity and convenience of switching.


How Does Yak Save You Money?

Data and WiFi are less expensive than talk time, and using the Yak Mobile Extension, all you use is Data or WiFi. Calls come in using Voice Over IP or VoIP. This allows you to enjoy the same crystal clear calling at home and away. Using VoIP, the Mobile Extension service simply forwards calls from home, to your mobile. Yak offers free local calling, free Yak-to-Yak calling and deeply discounted long distance rates. When you spend hours on the phone, this can save you a bundle in overage fees.

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