Yak Without Borders’ Contest Announcement

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‘Yak Without Borders’ Contest Announcement!

Here’s an interesting contest from Yak – one that you may be participating already without doing anything different.

Here’s how it goes… Every 20 minutes of long distance calling in February enters callers into Yak’s without Borders contest draw for one of five $100 account credits. Participants may use one of several Yak’s products such as landline, mobile, or travel card long distance service to participate.

All contest entries will be entered into random draw software on March 1st 2014. Winners will be contacted by phone and announced on Yak’s Facebook and Twitter feeds after the contest has ended.

Now to kick-start things the folks at Yak had made sure each account has been registered in the contest and given one entry to get things going. How cool is that? With that said, if you’d like to add a new long distance service(s) to your account, Yak’s team of expert cost-cutters may be reached toll-free at 1-877-925-4925.

Happy contest and Happy saving(s) to All!

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