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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$59.99 Shipping: $$99 Other: $ No

Download: 5 MBPS

Upload: 1 MBPS

Cap: 10 GB

Overage: $2 / GB

Xplornet Communications is a telecommunications provider founded in 2004. The company has headquarters in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

Xplornet states in their mission that they “aim to bridge urban/rural broadband digital divide ensuring that every Canadian, regardless of where they live, has access to broadband, thereby enabling them to compete effectively in the global economy and gain access to essential government and educational services.”

They state that their services are available Canada-wide, “including the hard to reach places.” Xplornet overcomes the normal geographical challenges of providing service to the second largest country in the World – Canada – by having a vast hybrid network of fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space.

In our review, we will look at Xplornet’s Internet packages and services and see how they stack up against the competition.

XplorNet has three wireless residential plans: the Xplore5 10 GB, the Xplore5 25 GB, and the Xplore5 50 GB. The GB number in each plan name represents the amount of data each plan allows for. Beyond that everything else is identical except the price. The Xplore5 10 GB is $59.99. The Xplore5 25 GB is $79.99. The Xplore5 50 GB is $99.99. All three plans have download speeds of up to 5 MBPS and upload speeds of up to 1 MBPS.

All packages require an activation fee of $99 on two-year terms. Included in the price is the rental fee for all connected equipment. XplorNet does not sell the routers directly. Taxes are not included in these prices.

With such small data usage, it is worth noting that if you exceed your monthly usage allowance, your service could either go into a limited state of 150 KBPS or you will be billed $2 per additional GB of overage, depending on which package you select.

In our review of XplorNet, we are impressed with their efforts to extend broadband Internet coverage to the furthest reaches of Canada. Bearing that in mind, XplorNet is designed for areas where Internet connectivity is limited or there is little to no coverage. If you live in areas with multiple options, there are probably better choices to consider such as GoneVoip’s top Internet Service Providers such as Heronet and Altima Telecom.

Due to XploreNet system and design, there is unfortunately, very limited data usage available in XPlorNet’s plans, with even their best option, the Xplore5 50 GB only allowing for a paltry 50 GB of monthly usage. 

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May 19, 2018
Submitted by: Bob (Salmon arm , BR)
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Horrible internet and customer service

Internet is close to dial up speed. high internet costs of 110 and up per month. Can barely watch netflix and after 5 pm the internet slows down to the point you can barely surf the net. Having to sign a contract for internet that doesn't work is very frustrating. Don't go with this provider.
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July 5, 2017
Submitted by: Gary Richardson (Darwell , AB)
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Terrible all-around

They took over for Terabyte in my area and the Internet goes out every single ... day for at least 6 hours and customer service is basically non existent. An absolute garbage ISP
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Maple Leaf Rating

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