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March 24, 2017
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Submitted by: Leah (Hamilton , ON)
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Horrible Service

If I could rate this company a 0, I would. They have never helped me with anything I call in about. I was told a manager would be calling me weeks ago and I have still not heard back. The wifi signal strength is so poor that my Playstation two rooms away cannot pick up the signal. The internet drops constantly and I get nothing but attitude whenever I call in about it and they always refuse to send a technician to my home to fix problems as they do not have their own technicians and have to call in third party comapnies to do the work which costs them money. HORRIBLE! do not go with them! At least with Bell (still horrible customer service) the internet quality is good.
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Xinflix media is quite a young corporation having been founded in 2011. They offer the trifecta of telecommunication services including TV plans, residential and business internet plans, as well as residential and business VoIP plans. Furthermore, they provide various security services to customers including basic alarm monitoring systems, as well as surveillance systems for residential usage. 

The headquarters of Xinflix media inc. can be found at Unit 7, 8, and 9, 421 Bentley St.  Markham, Ontario, L3R 9T2. Xinflix Media provides a variety of bundles, and standalone services, however, our focus today will be to review their basic residential VoIP plan!

All of Xinflix media’s plans include unlimited dialing in North America, which is great considering the need to connect with the outside world in this day and age is much more prominent than before. Now remains the question of the pricing of these plans, and whether they are up to par with other VoIP providers. Xinflix’s most basic home phone plan comes with a price tag of only $8.95 per month, and consists of 12 great calling features, and unlimited calling in North America. Xinflix has certainly done its research considering they come very close to some of the best prices other providers have to offer. For example, Phone Power offers the same plan for a price of $7.40 per month. The price difference is almost negligible.

Xinflix media also implements some of the lowest calling rates that could be found anywhere. Phone Power implements a 1.5 cent charge per minute when dialing internationally to Hong Kong, while Xinflix media charges only 1 cent per minute; once again the difference isn’t substantial, but it shows that Xinflix is on par with one of the best providers available.

Perhaps the only disappointing aspect we noticed about Xinflix Home Phone services is the lack of unique features. Voicemail to email services was not mentioned at all, and fax services were not mentioned either. The 12 features that come with the service are great calling features, and certainly are great with the price tag being implemented, but Xinflix missed out on taking that extra step which could potentially have set them apart from the rest.  Furthermore, the lack of any smartphone app was the most disappointing considering the implications of smartphones in today’s day and age.

Xinflix media inc certainly makes a great stand for itself and is a provider definitely worth the talk. They offer a competitive pricing and provide customers with a long list of useful calling features. Xinflix could definitely have gone the extra mile, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a chance.

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