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November 20, 2018
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Submitted by: Parti G. (Toronto , ON)
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Very poor technical support

I called Xinflix Media on November 14th 2018 indicating that my internet was not working. I was advised that I would receive a call regarding the repair of this service in the morning. I did not receive one so I called back on November 15th 2018 and I was told to wait for the call. I received an automated call that asked me to call back my provider. When I called back they said that I should wait for another call. I waited and still did not receive a call regarding the repair of my internet service so I called back on November 16th 2018. I went back and forth with this calling everyday (November 14 15 16 17 19). They were closed on the 18th so I could not call then. But I was told at every call that my ticket was in process and that I would have to wait. I work from home and am losing on that end. Finally, I received a call last night
noting that the person wanted to ... s my internet (November 19th 2018) and I advised that I was not home at this moment and to call tomorrow morning. I did not receive this call in the morning and my wife stayed home from work to receive this call. We waited until 2:00PM and I called back Xinflix and was told to wait for a call. This is very unacceptable as I am telling them that I am waiting but am not able to connect with anyone. I then called multiple other companies (Distributel and Bell) looking for help as Xinflix noted that they can not do anything for me. I am still without internet and am just "waiting" for a call.
September 28, 2018
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Submitted by: Sophie (Montreal , QU)
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bad service

First of all, I don't want to give any or even half star to this company's service, BUT Google review seems can't.
Here's my experience with Xinflix internet. I've called couple of times on behalf of my parents and pouched key 1 as instruction saying "press 1 for ENGLISH". Then the teller still keep talking to me in Chinese.
We installed their internet service over 2 weeks ago and never worked. My parents called couple of times in Chinese to request a technician come to fix the problem. They said the request already sent to Bell and the technician will be here soon. So we've been waiting and waiting. No one contacts us to fix the internet. So we called again to follow up, the call center guy just told us if we don't want to wait we can cancel right away with rude attitude.
I called 3 days ago and the girl from their call center confirmed with me that we will get fully refund after the cancellation, also I requested for a cable box pre-paid lable. Then I've told the Bell technician will contact me soon. So i trusted them and gave it a last chance to wait.
Today, My first call: to cancel this service since after all and all, no one contacts us and their customer service is saying MAYBE Bell will call us today or tomorrow, let us wait. I refused to wait and asked to cancel this service. The girl said she will transfer me to their manager, I waited couple of minutes on the phone, the manager finally start talking and kept saying "hello" sounded like he couldn't hear me, then he hang up after few "hello". My second call, (I believe they can see my calling number), so they didn't pick up the call anymore. My 3rd call, I can hear his voice should be the manager. He asked me to speak Chinese, I said I can't, then luckily we had an English conversation. He said if I cancel now, I will lost $75 installation fee that Bell charge Xinflix plus $10 to return the modern box.
I told this guy that I've confirmed with them before that I won't get charged with anything since it's never worked from day 1. Then this guy said no, they will charge me $75+$10, will only refund the rest. I kept saying it can't be and I asked to cancel since their service center people attitude is so bad that we're afraid to ask any technician supports after. The manager was saying "if you cancel now, you will loose $75+$10, or you have to wait for another day, you can't wait for another day?" All this conversation has no respect, no customer care, all I got is questioning why I can't wait.
I will share my bad experience to anywhere I can to tell people the truth is, once you pay for Xinflix service, they are nice to you. Once you need them or willing to cancel, you will loose money on it and yet, they are rude to you. NEVER USE XINFLIX!!!

Reply from: Xinflix
October 18, 2018
Hi Sophie,

Thank you for your comments. I have reviewed the notes detailing your interactions with Xinflix to determine how we may have let you down. Below are the details of my findings.

Your mom's internet service plan was arranged on Sept. 17, 2018 and we had informed her that the installation would take up to 7 days. She acknowledged that it would take 7 days and asked us to move forward with the installation. The installation was completed in 5 days on Sat. Sept 22, 2018 at 12pm because we had put in a rush installation for your mom. Your mom called us at 5pm on the same day, Sept. 22, 2018 and spoke to one of our support representatives in regards to a no-sync issue and that the carrier did a bad installation. Your repair ticket was issued right away. The ticket was processed on the next business day on Mon. Sept. 24th by the carrier. However, multiple notes from the carrier state that no one from the household was picking up their calls. There were missed calls on Tues. Sept 25th, Wed. Sept 26th, Thurs. Sept 27th and on Fri. Sept 28th.

The support staff did follow up on your case daily with the carrier. Unfortunately, there was no way of getting in contact with your mom. You finally called us on Friday, Sept 28th at 2pm and gave us a new contact phone number with an area code of 604 and requested cancellation right away. I noticed that the area code is a British Columbia area code but the installation repair was in Montreal, Quebec.

The manager kindly asked if it was possible for you to wait another day since we have a working number from you now. You said no and was very upset. The service was then cancelled and once we received your modem, we returned the deposit. I have tried calling the second 604 number multiple times within the day, every day this week to speak with you in regards to the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, I keep getting a busy tone.

Is there a misunderstanding? The installation is not completed by Xinflix Internet. Only the carrier can complete the installations and repairs. The problem was with the telephone number provided by your mom and with no one answering the calls from the carrier. Please understand that the carrier needs to arrange a day and time with your mom to complete the repair. It is impossible for a carrier to enter your parent's home with no appointment. I believe that there is a misunderstanding on why your internet service was not fixed and I understand that the situation is frustrating, but our staff did try their best to help you professionally. Xinflix's mission is to provide the best customer service. If you wish to give Xinflix another try, we would be more than happy to help you. ~ Xinflix Management
March 19, 2018
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Submitted by: Mary (Toronto , ON)
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Great Internet

I have been using Xinflix Internet for 2 years now. I have never had an issue with their service. The downtime is next to nothing. I am a gamer and reliable internet is a must. I play game league and lags would ruin the game for my team. I play mostly in the evenings and I don't find my internet slowing down. The price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend my friends to use Xinflix.

Reply from: Xinflix
October 18, 2018
Thank you for taking the time to write this amazing review for Xinflix Internet.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$55.95 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 75 Mbps

Upload: 10 Mbps

Cap: Unlimited

Overage: NA

Xinflix was established as an ISP in Markham, Ontario in 2011 as a part of the Distributel telecommunications group.

Innovative, reliable and customer-focused, Xinflix is unlike any telecom company. Whether you are looking into cable, DSL or FTTN internet or home phone VoIP service, Xinflix understands which products and plans are perfect for your needs.

Surf, share, download, and binge however you like. Xinflix internet plans are all truly unlimited and you never have to worry about overage fees again. Get the plan that’s right for you.

Xinflix is proud to offer residential and commercial services in English, French and Chinese, offering unlimited high-speed internet, home phone service as well as IPTV services available across Canada.

Xinflix works with major carriers across Canada; inclusive of Rogers, Bell, Cogeco, Videotron, and Telus.

All internet packages offered by Xinflix give unlimited bandwidth. There is no installation fee, no contract, and no credit check. Free modem rentals are offered for the first year with a deposit. Xinflix uses a simple monthly charging system with a sign-up process accessible through an SSL secured form on their website. The form on their website, will verify your location via postal code and inform you what packages are available for your area. Xinflix’s support team is reachable via telephone support and through an email ticketing system.

You can rent the modem for free for the first year, though there is a requirement of a $100 deposit and $10 shipping charge. For the second year and on is $4.95/month. Though you could simply buy the modem from Xinflix for $99 or $149, plus $10 for shipping.

Xinflix also offers a referral program. Recommending friends to join Xinflix can earn you credits towards your billing. With enough referrals, your invoice can become $0/mo. 

Xinflix’s VoIP service offers plans starting at $8.95/month. The basic plan includes free local and long-distance calling in the US and Canada (with regional exceptions) and low international call rates. Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call return, call hunt, do not disturb, detailed records, and 911 dialing features are also included. You can opt to keep your current number or request a new one. Crystal clear voice quality and a price that will keep your wallet full and happy.

Featured promotions are listed on the homepage. Their customer service lines are available to answer any questions you may have on Mondays to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm Eastern time.

In conclusion, Xinflix Home internet service may be an option to consider for those wanting something different for their money and switch away from the big telco companies. Using GoneVoIP is easy to find the right internet plan for you!

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Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
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Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
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