Xerox Canada and babyTEL Partner to keep Faxing alive

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In this time and age one has to wonder who is using faxes?

Well there’s plenty of use in the business-2-business world. Montreal based babyTEL is said to be partnering with Xerox Canada to bring internet faxing to those customers that have multi-function devices (MDF) and/or traditional fax machines. The partnership seems to be in a way helping Xerox migrate their customers from old/obsolete technology to a more modern FoIP based solution(s).  Reportedly customers with MDFs or fax machines will be enabled to send/receive over the internet using babyTEL’s  Fax-over-IP (FoIP) T.38 SIP trunking.  With that comes all the associated benefits of moving to an IP world, consolidate fax numbers, saving on phone lines and reducing or eliminating otherwise costly hardware/infrastructure.

Many of our TOP business providers offer Internet Faxing as part of the standard service and similarly Residential VOIP providers such as Phone Power, have a free feature where you can enable your home phone number to double as a fax number to receive fax; these are mailed to you.

Finally how long do you believe will internet faxing be around? How long before it’s replaced by another digitally secured form? We shall see, in this ever evolving digital world is hard to eradicate business entrenched practices; after all Xerox introduced the facsimile over phone back in 1964.

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