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WRS Web Solutions

Website: www.wrswebsolutions.ca
Availability: QC, ON
Monthly Price: $29.99 CAD

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Canada: $0.025/min
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WRS Web Solutions is a telecom provider that has a lot to offer to the consumer base. They provide home phone services, web hosting services, residential internet services, affiliate programs, calling cards for long-distance and many useful download links on their website. Sadly enough, however, WRS Web Solutions doesn’t offer much information about their own history or how they’ve come to the position they are currently at. The headquarters of WRS Web Solutions are also unknown considering the only way of contacting them is through a web inquiry form. However, let us now review one of WRS Web Solutions' bread and butter home phone plans to gauge their commitment to their clients.

WRS Web Solutions offers a residential home phone plan that comes with an allocation of 2,000 minutes per month throughout Canada and the United States. This plan has a whopping price tag of $29.99 which is certainly the least competitive rate we have seen thus far for a residential VoIP plan. PhonePower, another VoIP provider, WRS Web Solutions offers a residential home phone plan that comes with unlimited dialing throughout North America for $5.95. This is not to say that we expect every VoIP provider to meet this benchmark price, but at the very least make an attempt to be near it. $29.99 per month for this type of plan is just not worth it – unless of course, long-distance calls came inclusive to the plan, features such as voicemail to PDF and fax to email were offered but sadly that is just not the case.

Another disappointing aspect we noticed about the information being provided was the utter lack of a comprehensive list of rates for international calling. WRS Web Solutions boasts that they provide “great” international calling rates but fail to provide the specific rates themselves. This raises suspicion as to whether or not those rates can truly be constituted as “great”. The setup charges for this plan are priced at a onetime fee of $19.99. No mention was made of what features come inclusive to this plan, however, there was a positive note when we came across a download link to their VoIP calling app.

WRS Web Solutions needs to revamp their pricing structure from the bottom up. $29.99 in today’s world and the market base is just not competitive at all. Too many VoIP providers provide services that are either on par or far better than WRS Web Solutions for a fraction of the cost. 

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