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One of the best things to happen to telecommunications is VoIP. In the span of less than a decade, it has overtaken mobile and traditional telephony as the preferred means of communications. It owes to  the technologies that support it, such as internet connectivity, as well as the gadgets and devices  that enable its usage.

This dependency on other technologies is also where VoIP users face a dilemma: Is it my VoIP or is it my internet connection? To answer that with certainty requires the services of a VoIP quality testing and call quality monitoring company.  There are a handful of companies offering this, including VoIP Spear, which provides reliable VoIP testing services that you can use within minutes of signing up.

Why You Need to Test for VoIP Quality

The need for VoIP quality testing and call quality monitoring differs with each kind of user. For instance, a person who’s on Skype with a free account is not likely to take it to heart if his internet connection or VoIP service fails him every now and then. A person with a paid account, who’s converted his home phone to use VoIP, is likely to be bothered if some calls don’t come in or if audio quality is bad. This goes the same for businesses that switched to VoIP because of its more affordable call rates.

VoIP service quality, especially right now when it is at its prime, needs to be consistent and reliable. The only way to ensure this is to be with the best VoIP service provider within your budget. And to get to this, you need to be able to distinguish between sloppy VoIP service and bad internet connectivity.

Why VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear has developed a system that tests VoIP quality for single or multiple end points. Several testing servers all over North America are employed in plotting performance dips and peaks of these end points. This gives you a definitive profile of your VoIP service through Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), the industry standard in measuring VoIP quality.

Voip Spears Counters

Voip Spears Counters


Broadband quality is not just about bandwidth so the service measures other factors too, such as packet loss, jitter and latency. Results are summed up as MOS at set regular intervals. These are posted in your VoIP Spear dashboard so you can log in and ... s results at any time and from any computer.



VoIP Spear edges out other similar service providers because you can use its service immediately after signing up, with no complicated setups necessary. A few clicks on the mouse and you can use the services of a reliable VoIP call quality testing company.

Individuals who need to monitor single end points can opt for a free account. Multiple end point monitoring for businesses and end users comes with a minimal fee. For more information, check out


About VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear started in 2009. It is based in SK, Canada, and maintains testing servers all over North America.

About The Author: Matt Larson

Matt is a tech blogger, currently associated with VoIP Spear. He is based in the US, and enjoys diving in his free time.

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