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Versature SIP Trunking
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Versature SIP Trunking
Versature SIP Trunking

Versature SIP Trunking

Availability: AB, BC, NS, ON, QC & SK
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Versature is a SaaS-based business communications service provider, delivering the highest-quality hosted VoIP, SIP Trunking and call analytics solutions to the Canadian market. Founded in 2003, Versature prides itself in extreme customer care and applies a customer-centric approach from the initial needs assessment and throughout the entire customer journey.

Versature is the most scalable and reliable SIP Trunk provider currently serving Canadian businesses. With over 15 years leading the telecommunications industry, your business can operate with ease knowing that your phone numbers are protected and your SIP Trunks are supported by industry experts. Fully compatible with Canada’s top PBX vendor solutions, Versature’s SIP Trunks are a cost-effective and dependable way to call virtually anywhere across the globe.

Ease of Scalability

Whether your business is expanding or opening a new location, adding another channel to your existing SIP Trunk couldn’t be any easier. SImply call a Versature representative and we can immediately add a secure channel, allowing your business to scale quickly and effectively.

Versature SIP Trunking International Presence

Does your business have a worldwide presence? Call globally with local phone numbers for over 50 countries and 300 cities.

Versature's Customer Support

Versature customers receive above and beyond customer support. From the first phone call, businesses can rest assured that they are partnering with a company who has a vested interest in their success.

Following a seamless setup process, Versature’s SIP Trunking clients appreciate the 24/7 Canadian-Based Technical Support service available over the phone or through online chat.

Compatible with Industry-Leading Solutions

  • Cisco

  • Avaya

  • Asterisk

  • Panasonic

  • Nortel

  • NEC

  • 3CX

  • Elastix

Versature’s SIP Trunking Plans & Pricing

Reduce your capital expenditures with excellent prices, competitive long distance rates, and simplified billing. Choose the right SIP Trunking Services plan for your Canadian business!

Call Internationally, without added costs

Free unlimited calling to 30 countries across the world included in all Versature SIP plans. Included countries are:

Argentina Greece Peru
Austria Hungary Portugal
Brazil India Puerto Rico
Chile Ireland Romania
Colombia Israel Singapore
Costa Rica Italy Slovakia
Cyprus Mexico Spain
Denmark Netherlands Swedeen
Dom. Republic Norway United Kingdom
France Panama Venezuela
Germany India Mobile Mexico Mobile

Unlimited calling to landlines except where otherwise noted. Canadian businesses can go global with ease! 

Versature has three packages for you to choose from, contact Versature today for pricing!


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