The PBX Grudge Match: Hosted Vs. Premise-Based

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Of all the multitudes of hair-raising, panic-inducing, and otherwise overwhelming decisions we make as business owners, one of the ones that seem to get tripped up on often is anything revolving around the dang phone system.

So many techie-type terms to learn. So many different types of equipment. Then there’s the big decision; do I go with an on-premise solution, or do I contract out to a hosted one? Which one is better for my budget? Which gives me more control? How does implementation work? Gaahhh!

There’s just not enough coffee in the western hemisphere for this, is there?

Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Believe it or not, there’s a new shift happening nowadays in this field. It used to be you had to spend big bucks to pay for the on-premise system that gave you the control and implementation you wanted and needed to have the kind of communication you wanted with the outside world.

Today, PBX hosts are making some pretty big waves in the industry. Let me break it down for you here:

Control of the Network

Interestingly enough, control can hurt you as much as help you with respect to the phones. I mean, let’s be real here. We don’t exactly have an abundance of time to be checking up on yet another system frequently throughout the day. The plate is full. Start throwing more stuff on there, we might find out what it’s like to ugly-cry in front of the staff.

Paradoxically, once we hand over the reins to a PBX host, we actually get to breathe a little easier knowing that someone is out there looking after our communication.


Ah, yes. The discussion of the almighty dollar. Do you want to know the funny thing? Long term, the costs are nominally close. Close enough that the only consideration becomes the up-front expenditure. And there’s really no contest there. Hosted solutions will almost always be cheaper than purchasing all that equipment.


For this, just think about one thing: time. Time is a finite, (and sometimes infuriatingly expensive…) resource. There’s just never enough of it to go around. And when you start comparing an on-premise system to a hosted solution, one of the greatest advantages a hosted solution will have will be the lower amount of overall time involved in rolling out new features.

There are business owners that will tell you that doing it yourself is probably faster. And they may be right some of the time. But long-term? Hosted systems will always win. Especially on those days when everything is going wrong and you’re the only one not losing your mind about it.

This is not meant to slam on-premise systems. Indeed, if your needing a system for, say, two-hundred people, an on-premise system is probably going to be the best choice. However, for just about everything under that, the limitations of the on-premise PBX systems can end up outweighing the benefits.

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