The Most Popular 150 Mbps Internet Plans in Ontario

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Comparing five of the Best 150 Mbps Download and Unlimited Internet plans in Ontario.

For this comparison, we chose to use Cable Internet. Note, all providers listed here are using Rogers Cable backbone network. What sets them apart is the pricing strategy. Promotional internet prices are common so we also have calculated the price per Mbps of download speed.

In Ontario, as in other Canadian provinces, what you pay depends on who you chose to have service with. The best provider is not always guaranteed to offer the best service, let alone the best price. What is more, the best price and service combination is more often found when unbundling.

Provider Plan Avg Monthly Rate Price/Mbps Down  ‘Promo’ Details
Rogers Ignite 150u $84.99 $0.56 Modem Included.
Comwave Internet 150 $64.95 $0.43 3-Years Contract. Promo 1st-year then the price is $95/month or $0.63 per Download Mbps.
CIK Telecom Cable Ultra $64.99 $0.43 Price Guaranteed for 2-years. Modem Included.
Altima Cable 150 $59.95 $0.40 Free modem rental.
Gemstelecom Ultimate 150 $59.99 $0.40 Price Guaranteed for the lifetime of service. Modem Included.

Depending on who do you chose you could be saving or losing. In the comparison when we first look at Comwave Internet 150, after looking at the terms we realize that the price per Mbps Download from the 2nd and 3rd year will be more expensive than Rogers itself! Altima and GemsTelecom tie for the best prices on the 150 Mbps download plan in Ontario. In optics, VMedia is a little bit more expensive. However, when looking at the details of CIK Telecom Cable Ultra 150 terms we see it does include a price guarantee for 2 years. Along with free modem rental.

If you are in the Province of Ontario, then these are alternatives worth looking and comparing for your Home Internet. Certainly, these are some of the best and fastest cable internet plans in Ontario. Don’t be afraid to switch or get on the phone with your existing provider to negotiate a better rate, you never know how much you could be saving!

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