The demand for workplace flexibility

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The growing global trend of a workforce that works remotely and the need to connect them.

The demand for workplace flexibility

Today’s changing business landscape demands a flexible and nimble workforce that can conduct business in a variety of environments. Technology has enabled the expansion of the workweek to 24-7, and travelling across the country, and even the world, to conduct business has become commonplace. The result of these changes is the increased necessity of working remotely. Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future the traditional static office workplace could even become quaint.

Supporting this growing trend, statistics have shown that workplace flexibility can lead to increased productivity. According to a recent study conducted by The Telework Coalition, remote working increased employee productivity by a staggering average of 22%.

Small companies stand to gain significantly by increasing their remote workforce as it is proving to be good for the bottom line. The same study by The Telework Coalition also revealed that for each full-time remote employee businesses save an average of an astonishing $20,000 a year!

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