Taking Telecom With You

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Yak provides telecom services worldwide! You may have thought that Yak was just a Canadian telecom provider, but with its Home Phone ATA you can use Yak services around the globe. Take your number anywhere in the world to make and receive calls based on your local Canadian area code, which travels with you. Yak also offers other home-and-away solutions including Travel Card and Mobile services. Read on for more information about these options and how they make staying connected easy and affordable.


Home Phone ATA

Telecom costs can add up very quickly, but not if you use the Yak analog telephone adapter (ATA). This device allows you to connect your regular home phone to the Internet. When your calls are routed through the web, your home phone rings anywhere in the world. This makes all your calls the same as when you call a local number in your Canadian area code. Friends and family can call you no matter where your travels take you and it will be the same rate as calling you at home in Canada.


Travel Card

For use across Canada, the US, and 15 International destinations, Yak Travel Card is a great alternative when Internet access is spotty or not available during your travels. This card allows you to call a local number or International toll-free number. That number connects you to a computer which routes the call over the Internet. When the phone rings, the clarity is great and the cost is low. This makes Yak Travel Card a great idea for travelers with limited Internet access and a desire to save some serious money. There are no PINs to remember, no hidden fees and no minimums – the minutes you use are simply billed to your monthly Yak invoice.


Mobile Callback app

Making a long distance call with your regular mobile provider will cost you quite a lot of money. Instead, you can use Yak’s Mobile Callback app to take advantage of Yak long distance rates. This way you simply hop on the app and Yak will connect the call for you. The app will ring your phone and call the number you’re trying to connect with, then connects the two lines. This can save you quite a lot when you’re traveling.


Mobile Home Phone Extension app

If you have Yak Home Phone, YApp Mobile is a free calling app that lets you take your great home phone service with you wherever you go. Stay connected at home and on the go for much less than you currently pay big telecom. It can be used worldwide via your WiFi or Data connection. Once downloaded, all of your current contacts are automatically imported into the app, where you can select favourites and view recent activity. Best of all, YApp Mobile is in ‘beta’ or ‘testing’ phase, which means any recommendations you make may be included in future upgrades.

However you decide to connect, make sure to give one of Yak’s services a try. You won’t just connect intelligently – you’ll save a bundle doing it!

Written by Yak Canada.

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