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I was a Primus VOIP client for over 10 years. Recently, they raised their prices higher than ever. I've had many issues over the years primarily due to Primus' poor network, equipment and customer service. Primus, by far, has the worst customer service, tech support, and follow up from any business that I've seen. I've just been too lazy to make the number switch as I knew it would be a headache. Finally, I decided that I will not pay another penny to Primus and support their poor business model.

Let me say more about it. I switched my $35/month service to ezLINQ for about $7/month!

The number porting was a bit messy, but I was not surprised at all as it is dependant on Primus. Responsible for almost a week of downtime. Their customer service, tech support, and pretty much everyone I spoke to was in North America and the service is all things considered great. I gave them my wrath but they took it like a champ and kept on providing great customer service.

The service is now up and running now reliably. The call quality is clearer than Primus, the tech support answers... How refreshing for a business model. Also, the long distance rates are far better than Primus.

I would highly recommend ezLINQ's.
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