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Called Sept. 7th, 2018 to cancel my service with Yak and they locked my ATA box so I couldn't use it with another company. The ata box is mine and FULLY paid for by ME! They had NO right locking my ata box. I phoned them several times to get my ata box unlocked and they kept saying "we don't lock ata boxes". Call back a few days later and the tech told me my ata box was locked and I would need a special form to be filled out to unlock the ata...they would send me this form or unlock my ata. Even after calling yak to make sure my account owed nothing...they take more funds from my account and they claimed TWICE" they didn't take funds out. My bank statement and my bank verify that yes, yak took out funds illegally. My bank informed me I could escalate this matter with the RCMP and have them charged with theft. Phoned yak back and made them aware they could be charged by the RCMP and suddenly they were willing to refund the funds they stolen from my account. Sept. 25th I phoned yak back for about the 5th time since sept.7th to get reimbursed for the NEW ATA I had to buy because they locked mine. The guy I talked to in Billing who was the same guy who closed my account and locked my ata box (Ramy) is his name...told me Neither he or management will pay for the ata box they
(He Ramy) deliberately locked. At the end of the call, Ramy tells me to google "how to unlock" the ata I did google it. It turns out that Yak "Ramy " changed the "user name and password" for the hardware so that it can not be used by any other provider. I'm giving yak ONE week to return the funds they say they are going to return to me. After a week, I'll let the RCMP take over from there. As for the ATA box, I was pointed in the direction of the CRTC to log a complaint and have them look into it. With the help of the CRTC I will win this case and start a class-action law suite against yak and invite "EVERYONE" who yak has done this to and put them out of business.
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