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I had few problems with Yak until I tried to move and keep their service. They told me there would be no problem, and gave me a tentative date for my new installation. I called the day before they were supposed to come and they informed me they had pushed the installation date back FIVE BUSINESS DAYS. Then, on the day they were supposed to install it, I gave them my unit number and they informed me that since the address on the ticket had "changed" it needed to be reissued. Annoying but fine. THEN, i called two days later to find out my new ticket, and they told me that my area was unserviceable and I couldn't keep their service. Now they say it will be 3 business days before they free up my modem and my new ISP can issue a work order. Terrible customer service, they have lost me nearly a month of internet and I am so disappointed with this process- if they had told me three weeks ago that my area was unserviceable, I would have new internet by now. I do not recommend this service unless you own a home and will be staying in the same location.
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