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Don't. Just don't. You might think you'll be saving a lot of money but in reality, it's just a waste when you buy their modem and then have to cancel 1 month later. The internet is so slow that even regular browsing becomes hard, forget HD, forget online movies, forget gaming. We're on one of their upper speeds too, advertised at 250MB, getting 25-30MB IF it's working.

Stay away. They share 1 brain cell between the office staff. No one knows why their internet is 2% of the advertised speed even during non-peak times. They lie and say Rogers is working on the lines and that's why it's slow, but I called Rogers and they said that's a lie since they have no one working in the area. I had to call these crooks at least 50-100 times in the 6 months and each time they refuse to answer the question and instead say "we'll call you back in 10 minutes after taking a look" but they didn't call back even once.

Everyone that has a bad experience, don't even bother trying to talk things through with them, they'll just run you around in circles until you give up. Just file a case directly with CCTS.
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