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I've been with 1-VoIP for at least five years now and feel I have grown with them. Sure, there were technical issues at the beginning, but I've always felt that their technical support people were knowledgeable and caring, especially Allen, a rarity in this business.
In terms of features, 1-VoIP is the only provider to my knowledge that offers two free virtual numbers with all of their Premier plans, and to me that was the clincher. I'm spending a couple of months in Hawaii right now and was able to create a local (808), temporary Hawaii phone number during my stay here. I'm on their Premier Unlimited plan and I think the value is unbeatable and the reliability excellent (although not faultless). Furthermore, I live in Canada and needed a number in the 613 area code, which they cover along with a lot of other places like Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver. Many US-based providers do not pay much attention to Canada, which is not the case with these guys, thankfully!
I was with Vonage before (although that was nearly 10 years ago) and am way happier with 1-VoIP. It's like dealing with a mom & pop operation: you get much more personalized service, and as I like to say over and over, their staff really cares. There is no issue I experienced with my phone line that we were not able to fix quickly together - they follow up on calls and emails and really work with you to solve any problem that arises.
I highly recommend 1-VoIP to you, as I've been recommending them to my family and friends, because they worked hard to earn my loyalty. And by the way, I'm often skeptical when reading overly positive reviews, as we all should be: but I'm a real long-term customer of 1-VoIP, my name is Marc, I do exist, I'm based in Ottawa, Canada, and regularly write hotel reviews on tripadvisor as I travel a lot (one of the reasons why I love using 1-VoIP as a telephone provider) - my username on TA is marxusboy, please do not hesitate to contact me there if you need extra pointers on 1-VoIP.
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