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I've had experience with another VOIP provider but this one matches or betters the pricing while technically providing a very much richer service.
Use with various and multiple platforms, not just traditional phones but a range of current devices; communications information detail and useful additional options provided regarding voice mail, multiple lines and transition from legacy services (fax); and for what's possible in the new technology per se - I have no background in this but learning a little enough to benefit from - clones, virtual lines, etc.

Regarding comparison with traditional phone service, land-line and mobile, the cost benefits and increased flexibility technically are big - strangely big, to the point of ethical considerations being pertinent in addition to the usual. (Hence my willingness to spend a few minutes to write something hopefully useful.)

About 18 months experience with this provider. Support needs forwarded to them, technical or administrative, are responded to quickly and personally (with good understanding of the particulars of the installation) - to resolution. Including suffering the possibly foolish, on occasion, with reasonable good humour.

There's an element of possible good fortune in selecting providers. This was mine - what I would have been able to hope for in moving from traditional service if I knew more at the outset about what's possible, both cost-wise and technically.
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