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Slingshot VOIP is a telecommunications provider and cloud-based web service enterprise-grade communications platform. The company is a subsidiary of dgNetrix Communications. The HQ is in Toronto.

The company was launched in 2012 with their stated mission being “to empower individuals and organizations to communicate easier clearer, smarter, faster from anywhere and everywhere to anyone and everyone”.

In this review of Slingshot VOIP, we will examine their business VOIP services and see how they stack up with other top providers.

Slingshot states that their service is designed for startups or small to medium-sized company of 50 employees or less who are looking for an enterprise-grade VoIP phone solution on a small business budget.

Slingshot offers three main business VOIP plans: the Starter, the Professional and the Premium plans.

The starter plan is priced at $9 per month and comes with 100 minutes, 5 extensions and 2 toll/local numbers.

The professional plan is priced at $29 per month and comes with 1000 minutes, 10 extensions and 3 toll/local numbers.

The premium plan is priced at $49 per month. This plan comes with 2500 minutes, 50 extensions and 5 toll/local numbers.

Whichever plan your company chooses, it will require exact minutes monitoring as any additional minutes will cost 5.9 cents per minute, which is substantial.

All plans come with unlimited interactive voice menus, unlimited custom greetings, unlimited voicemail boxes, unlimited landlines, voicemail to email, company conference bridge, toll-free and North American local numbers and all standard professional phone (PBX) features.

Also included are auto-attendants, IVR menu, mission critical fault tolerance, comprehensive data security, information only extensions, office hours, greetings management, no busy signals, music on hold, and custom ringtones for every phone.

They state that there is instant activation, no contracts, and no risk.

All pricing is in USD and all payments are redirected to PayPal.

Another cool feature is that they have a business phone systems course as this company is targeted towards start-ups who may not know much about the software or systems.

In our review of Slingshot VOIP, we came away impressed with the wide range of features available, but we were also dismayed by the pricing.

The pricing listed is already above average but then we see the fine print which states all prices are in USD and that pushes this company out of the running. We do give them points for no contracts and the business VOIP phone 101 course.

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