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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$$49.99 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 5 MBPS

Upload: 512 KBPS

Cap: 45 GB


Ruralwave is a company that had humble beginnings and has managed to gain positive acclaim since then. With 19 years of experience under their belt, they are well versed in the world of telecommunications. They provide their services in Canada, and the United States, specifically Ontario and New York. RuralWave started off as a computer repair, and hardware merchandising business that evolved into a telecommunication giant. Their headquarters can be found at 413 Eldon Rd., Little Britain, ON. Let us now review one of their flagship residential internet plans to see if they truly do have much to offer to their customers.

RuralWave has a residential DSL plan which they call the Surf Plan. They claim that this plan is ideal for gamers, quick surfing and downloading email. RuralWave’s Surf Plan comes with download speeds of up to 5 MBPS and upload speeds of up to 512 KBPS, and also has a bandwidth cap of 45 GB per month. The price at which this plan is offered is $49.99 per month, which is substantially more expensive than most of the competition that RuralWave has to face. WorldLine offers an unlimited bandwidth plan which comes with download speeds of up to 6 MBPS for only $29.95 per month. The difference between the pricing is something that RuralWave can’t justify at all. The problems however don’t there; RuralWave made no attempt to mention what the overage charges would be in the case someone exceeds this limit!

RuralWave employs a few add-ons to help gain some extra cash from their customers. The first one would be the 100 GB data add-on – this add-on allows the customers to gain an extra 100 GBs per month, at the price of an extra $10.00 per month on their bill as well. Paying $60.00 per month for 145 GBs worth of data is just not worth it considering the better options that are readily available in Ontario and New York. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect we noticed was that there was no terms and conditions page or any other policy page readily available on their website, making their intentions a mystery not only to us, but to the potential customers who decide to acquire RuralWave services.

RuralWave has a long way to go if they want to be a top contender in today’s telecommunications market. With prominent providers like TekSavvy and WorldLine, Ruralwave might find itself short of customers pretty soon. The first and most important thing would be to provide a comprehensive legal page on their website in the form of a terms and conditions document.

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