Rebtel announces special deals to countries

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As if it wasn’t cheap enough to call using Rebtel services the Swedish company has announced special country specific plans. Believe this is a great addition as many Canadian do often call overseas but particularly they will call more often to a certain country, presumably the one of origin. So having this preferred rates, as stated by Rebtel these rates are even cheaper than their advertised Pay-As-You-Go rates.

The present list of countries is the following where the country specific rate is available is the following:
* Bangladesh
* Cameroon
* China
* Cuba
* Ghana
* India
* Kenya
* Mexico
* Nigeria
* UK

Rebtel hinted more country specific deals are coming throughout the summer. We’ll update this list accordingly.

If you combine this deal with exclusive top-up offer with Rebtel, you’ll be doing a lot more talking for a lot less!

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