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Freso Connect and are pleased to announce a new discount promotion. collaborated with Freso Connect to vamp out a comprehensive discount plan exclusive to visitors!

 1 The Plans!

Before we indulge ourselves in the specifics of these new and exciting discount opportunities and what they entail, we will take a closer look at some of the plans that Freso Connect has to offer in terms of VoIP solutions! Freso Connect solutions comprise of various unique plans which are tailored to meet to the specific requirements of their diverse clientele, for example they have the student phone, home phone, and business phone among others.

The home phone plan Freso Connect offers targets the needs of residential users looking to find a viable solution to their VoIP needs. The home phone plan comes fully loaded with a very long list of features, but the punch line is that new users attain one month of free usage from Freso Connect. The GONEVOIP promo is separate from this one month of free usage, which only adds to this recipe of perfection.

The student phone plan is further broken down into three different plans. Once again Freso Connect goes the distance in ensuring customers have the highest amount of options before opting into one specific plan. The first month of the student plan isn’t entirely free; however the first month of Freso Connect student phone service exempts the customer from paying any tax!

Freso Connect also offers multiple business plans that are each unique to a specific type of client. The small business VoIP plan that Freso Connect has to offer comes with two business lines, and the total price comes out to be $34.99, which ultimately boils down to $17.50 per line. The enterprise plan they offer for businesses is tailored for larger corporations. Each additional line on an enterprise plan would cost $14.99 per month! Finally Freso Connect offers the standard business line, which is mostly for one man businesses, or home based operations and this plan costs a total of $24.99 per month! As you can see, Freso Connect has devised comprehensive solutions for the variety of customers that are looking for specific needs when it comes down to VoIP solutions.


The reason behind why we explained each of these plans briefly is because the discount applies to all of them! Using the coupon code: GONEVOIP, customers can attain one time discounts! The amount of discount depends entirely on the plan that the customer has: For the student phone the discount is 5 CAD, for home phone plans discount is 10 CAD, business standard users get a discount of 25 CAD,small business users can attain a discount of 50 CAD, and enterprise users can get a %25 discount! All of these discounts are one time instant discounts. They are specifically for users who have set up a new account, and act as a great incentive for customers who are interested in the streamline service of Freso Connect!

Product (Instant discount with Coupon)

Student Phone

5 CAD (one time)

Home Phone

10 CAD (one time)


25 CAD (one time)

Small Business

50 CAD (one time)
Enterprise 25 Percent (one time)
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