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Availability: ON, QC, AB, BC, NT, YK, NU, NB, NL, NS, PEI, SK, MB
Monthly Price: $22.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$22.95 $29.95

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: Varying

Montreal DSL is a relatively new telecommunications provider having been founded very recently in 2013. They offer a variety of services ranging from web hosting, internet services, and VoIP services as well. Their headquarters can be found at 3484 Boulevard des Sources, Suite 218 Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada, H9B 1Z9. Montreal-DSL boasts about the claim that they have a multitude of plans that cater to the needs of any type of clientele. In Canada, the needs of customers are ever growing and the need for change is always imminent. Let’s see if Montreal DSL offers a competitive price and a VoIP home phone plan that can be beaten or not.

Montreal DSL offers a basic residential VoIP plan which they call the Home Phone Lite plan. This plan is a localized plan and doesn’t permit North America wide calling. The plan is priced at a total of $22.95 per month, and also comes with unlimited incoming calls. The pricing on this plan is way too high considering other providers that offer better services at a cheaper price. PhonePower offers an unlimited North America wide plan for only $7.40 per month, and comes with many more features when compared to Montreal DSL. Furthermore, Yak offers a similar localized phone plan which only costs a total of $4.75 per month! The difference between the prices being implemented by Montreal DSL and other competitive VoIP providers is staggering.

Montreal DSL allows users to have 300 minutes for dialing anywhere in North America, yet this is certainly not enough to redeem them for the overpricing on their home phone lite plan. Furthermore, the long distance rates being implemented by Montreal DSL are much too high if compared to the likes of PhonePower. Placing international calls to Pakistan using Montreal DSL would cost customers a whopping 26 cents per minute, while PhonePower only charges 8 cents per minute. Once again the difference in rates is completely unjustifiable by Montreal DSL.

Perhaps the one thing that saves Montreal DSL is the long list of features that they provide their customers. Some of these features are very hard to find inclusive to a plan, and Montreal DSL goes the extra mile by providing the features inclusive to the plan. Fax to email services, as well as voicemail to email services, are offered for free when opting into any of Montreal DSL’s residential VoIP plans. Other unique features include the controlling of outbound calls, virtual phone number, and short number dialing.

Montreal DSL is certainly charging too much in terms of the services they provide, however, the features certainly make up for the overpriced plan. Some of these features, such as the fax to email service are provided to customers by other providers for as much as an extra $20.00 per month! Montreal DSL certainly made a smart move in terms of incorporating a healthy amount of viable features!

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