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Mightycall, previously Infratel, is a technology company founded in 1999 and based in Seattle. They offer communications solutions to small businesses, and cover matters of phone, email, and social media with cloud-based technology. Unlike most hosted-PBX companies, Mightycall offers almost entirely software-based service to the end-user. Also unique to Mightycall, is that their plans are catered towards smaller businesses. Even their most expensive package is equivalent to the mid-tiered plans of most other service providers.

The most basic monthly plan that Mightycall offers is their Premium package which includes one local or toll-free number from anywhere in Canada/USA (with choice of area code), 300 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls, free number porting, international calling for a low rate, and all of the features with the exclusion of call queuing, sms texting, and call recording, all for the price of $19.99 USD/month. For a small busines, this may be a reasonable plan, but at 300 minutes for both incoming and outgoing calls there isn't much room for growth. Compounding to this is how even if a customer calls and it goes to voicemail, minutes are still deducted. Compared to a similarly priced plan from Freso, you receive unlimited US/CA calling. You can always upgrade to Mightycall's next best plan which gives you 10x more minutes to use at twice the monthly rate if you need more than the basics. Regardless of which package you choose, you are allowed unlimited extensions and are not bound by any contracts. You can choose a monthly or annual renewal, and there is no cancellation or setup fee. You also have the option to purchase additional local numbers for an extra $5 USD a month, or an international number for $10 USD a month, and call recording for an extra $15 USD.

Above all, one of the best benefits of Mightycall is that you don't require any additional hardware to use their services.You only require a headset or speakers to use with their WebPhone section on their website, accessible through any browser. Or if you prefer mobility, you can download their mobile app. The Android/iOS app allows you to manage your inbound requests from customers, organise and track your employees and call with your business number, all from the convenience of your mobile device. You are also able to consolidate all of yoru social network accounts in the Social Media Tracker, allowing you and your team to respond immediately to any messages on Facebook or Twitter. Mightycall undeniably has a better grasp of the virtual side of business, and gives their customers the freedom to harness the full power of the internet. For smalller to medium businesses, this might be a good fit for all of your needs, but if the growth of your business is in your immediate future, there are more sensible alternatives out there. 

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December 29, 2017
Submitted by: Andrei Katukhin (Markham, ON)
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Works well

- Call redirect works perfectly fine for 3 numbers (US, Canada local and toll free)
- No late calls anymore - I set up separate voice greeting for non working hours
- Incoming calls workflow is flexible enough

- their iphone app has less features that web app, so you can configure calls flow only from web app.
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