Microsoft releases integration with Skype

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It looks like slowly but surely Microsoft is making good of its promise to fully integrate Skype to its products. Microsoft had released an integration with web-email service. The integration works by downloading a plug-in in the computer’s browser (available for Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla – for now). Microsoft has reported the service integration is available in Canada, US, Brazil, UK, France and Germany; namely the list of countries that use Skype and (formerly known as the most! Microsoft assures they’ll will continue to roll this out to more countries throughout the following months.

Existing Skype users will have to link the accounts – so the contacts in the two applications are amalgamated and Voice (VoIP) and/or Video calls can be initiated from within the email client.

Ultimately this adds more choices and flexibility to & Skype – bringing the two a step closer to be up to par with Facebook’s Messanger VoIP calls released earlier in the year.

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