How Tech Upgrades Can Help Receptionists

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Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day. Beyond paying a few compliments and giving a few gifts, this might be the perfect year to re-evaluate the resources you give your support and administrative staff.

This is something a little more significant than stocking colored paperclips. What we’re talking about here is giving your admin personnel the latest and greatest technology for handling both internal and external communication more efficiently.  Bear in mind that training and support go hand-in-hand with that technology; do your admin professionals have the understanding and experience they need to get the most out of your communications tech?

Hosted VoIP is an important new standard for voice communication that every commercial organization would do well to consider. It delivers significant improvements in functionality together with significant savings, making it highly attractive to the entire SMB market.

For the moment, though, let’s drill down to all the great things hosted VoIP can do for the support professionals on your team.

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