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Hot Telecom is a telecommunications provider. The company is a branch of ‘Beta Company sp Z.O.O’ which is an Eastern European company based out of Poland. It is unclear if Hot Telecom is also based out of Eastern Europe or if it is a Canadian division.

Hot Telecom seems to offer service worldwide, although it is very unclear on their website.

In our review of Hot Telecom, we will attempt to decipher the company’s business VoIP services and see how they compare to Gonevoip’s top three business VoIP providers.

Hot Telecom offers a virtual PBX package for $65 per month. This price is not in Canadian dollars but rather in US Dollars.

Multiple features are included with this package; however, the company is willing to drop the price if you do not need all of the features.

Prices are listed on the website for each feature assuming you don’t want them all. Yet it doesn’t make much sense as each feature adds up to a total cost of $165, so it is unclear if these are additional features not included in the plan, or if the plan is offering all of the $165 worth of features at a discounted rate of $65.

They also offer other services such as virtual and disposable SMS numbers. On their virtual SMS page, it lists different pricing for a total of 40 different countries. For Canada, it lists a price of $5 USD per month, with an additional set up charge of $10 USD. If we use this list of countries as guidance, we can glean that they offer their services in all of these countries, but again that is not verified anywhere on the website beyond here.

On their disposable SMS page, Canada is not listed as an option in a list of nine countries

There are also virtual numbers, virtual fax numbers listed as services. Virtual numbers are the only ones available in Canada. The virtual number is offered in Canada for $15 USD plus an additional $30 USD setup fee. 

One bonus is that you can pay with bitcoins.

In our review of Hot Telecom, this is a company with a ridiculous lack of information despite pages and pages of generic information. We are not even sure what country their virtual PBX service is available in. Is it Europe, the USA, Canada or some other country/continent? Using the other lists of countries as a guide is useless as each list is different depending on the service.

We, therefore, cannot recommend this company in any shape or form.

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