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Starting out as strickly an unlimited Internet service provider, HeroNet quickly adapated to subscriber demand and included a competitive VoIP service. For more than 5 years now HeroNet's VoIP service has been offered as a bundle option with their unlimited Internet plans. These actions have led them to rise to the top of the Internet and Telephone game and has earned them the title of "best Internet service provider of 2017" by the GoneVoIP.ca team. 

While it is not doubt that HeroNet's main claim to fame comes from their premium customer service experience. This focus to detail and individually placed attention is what led them to be the talk of the town for 2017 and surely 2018 as well. Customer review websites across the board have all saluted HeroNet's approach to customer service, but what is their secret? 

A network of Heroes; "Here to save the day!"

HeroNet is a network of Heroes working out of home office locations throughout Ontario and Quebec acting as tech advisors and account managers for their customer pool. This means that in most cases when you call HeroNet, you are patched over to the same two to three Heroes that are assigned to your account. No need for account information, quite often your name and phone number are all that they need in order to help you along.


Their VoIP solutions offer a range of plans that are focused on the needs of Canadians from a simplified 1000 minute plan to unlimited Canada and US if you should so require. Each plan includes all calling features: Caller ID, Caller Waiting, Call Display, Voicemail, Voice2Email and more. The plans also include calling up to 14 diffrent countries as one local call so great for those who have family abroad. 

While there are some drawbacks to their service like no PC or Smartphone app and web portal. It is our ubderstanding much is still in developpement in way of features and we will continue to see addtions to their offer in the comming months of 2018. The ability to add lines, call groups, IVR and corporate features are also coming for those running a business from home or on the go as. This as well as a new form of support for SME and home businesses across Canada. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a basic Internet and phone service loaded with features that acoomodate 99% of households, HeroNet is the way to go. 


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