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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$49.99 Shipping: $ Other: $150 Yes

Download: 2Mbps

Upload: 1Mbps

Cap: 30GB


GPN Networks is an internet service provider with HQ in Prairie, Alberta. GPN Networks was originally founded in 2005 as a company called ‘Whippet’. GPN Networks serves numerous communities in Alberta.
GPN Networks offers three main packages for residential internet service. The three packages are the “Cooolnet Family”, the “Cooolnet Family+”, and the “Cooolnet Player” package.The Cooolnet Family package is the most basic and inexpensive package GPN Networks offers. This plan checks in at $49.99 and includes download speeds of 2 Mbps, upload speeds of 1 Mbps and 30 GB of data per month.
The Cooolnet Family + package is ten dollars more expensive at $59.99. With that package you are not getting much more however, as it increases both the download and upload speeds by 0.5 Mbps, which puts the download speeds at up to 2.5 Mbps and the upload speeds at up to 1.5 Mbps. You are also allowed an additional 5 GB of data usage.
The cream of the crop for GPN Networks is the Cooolnet Player package which is considerably higher in price at $79.99 and carries only a modest jump in speed and data increases. With download speeds of up to 4 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps to go along with 50 GB of data usage, their most grandiose plan is not worth the extra money unless you absolutely cannot live with the modest speeds the other plans carry.
While GPN does not offer unlimited data usage, they also state they do not charge for over usage, which essentially throws out the data monthly usage. Having said that, they also state that they do reserve the right to do so (charge for over usage) if they “feel your usage is affecting others or if it has been an ongoing issue”. In the event of that occurrence, they will go ahead and charge $5 per GB on overage. 
Furthermore, they still do have a fair usage policy in their terms and conditions which does not allow its customers to use the internet “24 hours a day downloading large files”. Furthermore, they state that during peak hours, GPN may manage your service to ensure that everyone is getting a stable, reliable connection. 
In our review of GPN Networks, we can’t help but wonder why GPN has such an unclear terminology in stating that the company both does and doesn’t charge for overages, depending on how they feel about the situation. Beyond that, GPN’s plans seem to be reasonable for a rural area but are still quite pricier than Gonevoip’s Top 3 ISP Companies.

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