Gonevoip Partners with Toepoke Software to Offer “VoIP Spear”

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VoIP Spear - Cut to the heart of your VoIP problems

Toepoke Software Inc is the maker of VoIP Spear.  VoIP Spear is a global VoIP call quality monitoring service provider with strategically located testing servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Toepoke Software and Gonevoip have entered into an agreement to offer visitors exclusive access to a sizable discount in the VoIP Spear product.

The platform lists about 400 service providers and boasts thousands of user reviews. Gonevoip serves as a central location for information, deals, tips, feedback and conversation. An escalating monthly viewership and engagement indicate Canadians at all points in their buying journey find benefit.

“It is extremely important to find the extra value add to our visitors. Beyond having the best providers in Canada now also Gonevoip can extend a unique offer for the best tool at a very affordable price to actively monitor call quality. The beauty is that with Toepoke we have open access to VoIP Spear not just to the general public but also to Providers that wish to incorporate this technology and proactively check network quality,” said Luis Allegretti, founder of Gonevoip. “I anticipate VoIP Spear will become a differentiator for providers.”

“At Gonevoip we see consumers often complaining about call quality and we also see Providers struggling to respond or understand what the root issue is,” added Allegretti.

“VoIP Spear has been monitoring, alerting and helping troubleshoot voice quality issues for over 8 years.   We’re tremendously proud that, Canada’s top site for VoIP information, chosen VoIP Spear to be an essential tool,” said Henry Fernandes, President of Toepoke Software Inc.

“We’re delighted that will enable Canadian VoIP users and providers to fully benefit from using VoIP Spear to monitor and diagnose call quality issues,” added Fernandes.

About GoneVoIP
GoneVoIP has been in operation since 2012, providing Canadians with everything they need to choose the best Residential or Business Internet and VoIP services available. For more information, visit

About Toepoke Software
Established in 2009, in the Canadian Prairies (Saskatoon) created VoIP Spear to help diagnose connectivity and call quality problems, a major headache for VoIP consumers and providers alike. For more information, visit

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