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enginet is a Canadian Telecommunications provider with Head Office in Georgetown, Ontario. enginet is a subsidiary of CanFibe, whose focus is the business. enginet provides Home Internet, Home Phone, and IPTV.

Let us review enginet internet services. enginet provides internet services to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. enginet provides internet connectivity using the technologies of VDSL, Cable, and Wireless.

Let's review now the DSL packages, which are the same for Quebec and Ontario.

  • VDSL 15: 15 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload, Unlimited @ $29.95/month first 3-months
  • VDSL 25: 25 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload, Unlimited @ $34.95/month first 3-months
  • VDSL50:  50 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload, Unlimited @ $39.95/month first 3-months

Something we noticed right away is that the full price is not shown. Rather the promotional price for the first 3-months. You'll have to call in to learn the full price. When we called in we were on wait for over half an hour with no answer or option for a callback. We have to say this is typical under the trees practice to lure customer to sign up for things that are not clear. It also unclear if this is contract or not, in the presence of information obscurity we assume this is a contract. But let's continue the enginet internet review, surprises do not stop here!

To accompany the VDSL monthly service fee there is a barrage of other ancillary fees.  Let us review those here:

  • New Customer Activation Fee: $20
  • Shipping Fee: $13
  • Change of Speed, Moving or Updates to the Account: $25
  • Ethernet Modem Rent:$4 /month Buy: $65
  • Modem & Router  Rent:$6 /month Buy: $125
  • Wireless Router Rent: $4 / month Buy:$79.95

Certainly, enginet shows no mercy when it comes down to charging fees on top of monthly fees!

Let review now the Cable plans in Ontario, these are divided in Cable R (as in Rogers, using Rogers Cable network) or in Cable C (as in Cogeco, using Cogeco's Cable network)

Cable C y R Plans

  • Cable 15: 15 Mbps Download / 2 Mbps Upload @ $29.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 30: 30 Mbps Download / 5 Mbps Upload @ $34.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 40: 40 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload @ $34.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 60: 60 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload @ $39.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 75: 75 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload @ $49.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 120: 120 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload @ $49.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 150: 150 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload @ $54.95/month first 3-months
  • Cable 250: 250 Mbps Download / 20 Mbps Upload @ $69.95/month first 3-months

Additional Fees for the Cable Plans:

  • Moving Fee: $65
  • Speed Changes: $25
  • Modem/Router  Rent: $8 / month Buy: $170
  • Wireless Router: Rent: $4 / month Buy: $79.95

Oddly there is no mention of usage or if these are unlimited plans? Again the same tactic of the first 3-months pricing is used and you'll have to contact to sign-up and find out the real monthly pricing.

Lastly, let's review enginet Wireless Home Internet packages and fees.

  • Bronze Up to 5 Mbps @ $55/month
  • Silver Up to 10 Mbps @ $65/month
  • Gold Up to 15 Mbps @ $75/month
  • Platinum Up to  20 Mbps @ $85/month

The installation fee depends on the length of the contract. If there is no contract the installation fee is $300 up front, if there is a two-year contract service then goes down to $100 or if it is a one year term the install fee is $100.

There is no mention of the Wireless plan if the speed is download & upload or if there is a difference between the download and upload speeds. As with the cable plans no mention on the usage cap, only that Fair Access Policy Applies. Though did not provide a link to the policy for review nor specify what that actually means.

Overall Gonevoip likes the various options enginet presents but showing only the first 3-months promotional pricing is a tactic Gonevoip considers inappropriate since it may give the wrong impression to potential buyers. Additionally, believe some of the fees could be waived by supporting BYOD.  By not providing all information upfront enginet is missing the mark on transparency.  Being put in the same category as many of the flight by night providers that use every opportunity to hide fees or miss inform terms.

Until plans fees are tweaked to match market leaders and all information is clearly stated and above the table, Gonevoip recommend looking elsewhere for your internet needs.

Maple Leaf Features

Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark
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