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Digital Home Phone gets Clear Voice

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Yak Communications, announced the launch of its leading call quality solution “Yak Clear Voice”, which provides Yak Home Phone users with crystal-clear voice calls using enhanced noise reduction technologies. This is a feature enabled, at no additional cost for all existing and new Yak Customers.

“Having an Internet-based Phone product in Canada, which has always beaten Traditional Home Phone on price, is now on par with it in terms of voice quality. In the coming months, this technology will also be integrated with Yak’sMobile Calling App. I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made”, said Anthony Lacavera, CEO of Yak.

Yak Clear Voice offers the following voice quality improvements:

  • Reduction of transmitted noise – normally caused by the quality of handset or background sound
  • Reduction of acoustic echo – a reflection of the user’s own voice
  • Level imbalances – A downward correction for high pitch, and upward correction for low pitch
  • Cutting Edge Voice Encoding Software for secure, quality connections

The technology is using proprietary codecs. When Gonevoip reached out Yak and asked about the possible impact on bandwidth consumption Yak stated “Negligible impact to bandwidth”

“We’re a company focused on improving all aspects of communications for Canadian consumers” adds Lacavera. “Not only do we offer contract-free service, great quality and low prices – we also employ a customer support team based entirely in Canada. We call it Yak Great Canadian Customer Service. Anyone contacting our support group receives fast, bilingual support. That’s powerful. The common regret I hear from our customers is they wish they had switched sooner.”

Yak’s Clear Voice technology is transparent and supported on all ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters) IP Phones and DECT Home Phones – thus users have nothing to worry about.

Yak operates throughout Canada, offering Internet, Home Phone, Mobile, Travel Card, and Landline Long Distance services. In addition to pricing that undercuts telecom competitors by margins up to 80%, Yak prides itself on putting customers first at each stage of service delivery.  Lacavera and his team don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

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