Comwave signs former Maple Leaf Tie Domi

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In a rather bewildering move Comwave has hired retired hockey player Tie Domi as a pitch-man.

Reportedly Comwave said openly the choosing of Tie Domi was a perfect fit for their campaign on taking a stand against the big Telecom Guys. Tie Domi had a reputation for taking on rivals that were bigger than him – said Yurval Barzakay, Comwave’s CEO.

Here’s the irony; in the history of the Maple Leafs Tie Domi has the record for penalty minutes… and looking at the whole of the NHL is 3rd overall.

We shall see what this new Comwave campaign translates into, will the CRTC & industry stand-up against cross checking… will it be Comwave in the penalty box this time?

This could be entertaining to watch.

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