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How Tech Upgrades Can Help Receptionists

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day. Beyond paying a few compliments and giving a few gifts, this might be the perfect year to...

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Best Home Internet in Alberta

Alberta Internet Providers We did research for the Best Home Internet Plans in Alberta. We are comparing the traditional telecom giants we typically love to dis-love, with...

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Best Business Phone in Ontario

Business Phone Service Whether you are an established business, a trades contractor, an insurance broker or a startup there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP...

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Finding Canada’s Best Internet Speeds

If you are like the rest of Canadians you probably have the same Internet connection for at least the past 2 years. But the demand on the internet connection in our daily lives...

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Comparing Best Home Internet Plans in Ontario

After the Home Internet rates for some of the most popular plans in Ontario were set higher we set a mission. We had to do research for the Best Home Internet Plans...

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Home Internet Services with no price hike

Rogers and Bell are at it. Home Internet prices are set to increase, yes, again. According to sources at Rogers and Bell, the price increase is due to investments on their...

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Toronto Area Best Home Phone Service Deals

There are several advantages of having a VoIP home phone or digital home phone service. Thanks to Voice over IP, nowadays, telecommunications are easier and cheaper than ever...

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Is High Speed Internet a Human Right in Canada?

Can you imagine your day-to-day life without High-Speed Internet? In many respects, today’s technological advancements represent a digital and information revolution...

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