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How Tech Upgrades Can Help Receptionists

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day. Beyond paying a few compliments and giving a few gifts, this might be the perfect year to...

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The TOP 25 Call Center Headsets of 2018

The right call center headset for your employees can be an important factor in the effectiveness of any call center. If your representatives are distracted by...

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Everything your Boss needs to know about VoIP

MAKING THE CASE FOR VOIP – THE FIVE KEY POINTS YOU NEED TO COVER Your employer depends on you to ensure all their telecommunications needs are up to snuff. And when...

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Best Home Internet in Alberta

Alberta Internet Providers We did a research for the Best Home Internet Plans in Alberta. We are comparing the traditional telecom giants we typically love to dis-love...

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Troubleshooting the top 9 VoIP Problems

EXPERIENCING VOIP PROBLEMS? Voice quality issues with a VoIP system can be frustrating and can also impact business operations. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 9...

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Best Business Phone in Ontario

Business Phone Service Whether you are an established business, a trades contractor, an insurance broker or a startup there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP...

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The demand for workplace flexibility

The growing global trend of a workforce that works remotely and the need to connect them. The demand for workplace flexibility Today’s changing business landscape demands...

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