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Internet Cable Wars: Battleground Ontario

It has been brewing for a few months. Competition in the Cable Internet segment, especially on Rogers territory is fierce. This is mainly driven by, ironically Rogers itself by...

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How to file a complaint against a Provider

If you feel you have a valid complaint against your telecom provider, you are not alone. According to an article in the Financial Post complaint rates rose dramatically in...

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2018 Excellent Choice Award Announcement

GoneVoIP, a specialized media company helping Canadians chose internet and phone providers announced today the winners of the 2018 EXCELLENT CHOICE AWARD. This the 1st Annual...

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The 25 Most Popular Providers of 2018

Annually the GoneVoIP platform receives about half a million visitors. In general, the visits tend to be spread over the more than 490 service providers found in the GoneVoIP...

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Are Home Phones Obsolete?

Do you still need a phone landline? It’s no secret that the traditional home phone is in decline. With Canadians increasingly opting for cell phone-only households, the...

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Canada’s Internet Speeds and Prices

Types of internet access providers This summer we set out to analyze the status of the home internet connections across the country. We picked fourteen representative major...

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