Canada tops the list in unfair calling rates

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Canadians are well aware that the country is # in…. sometimes having very unfair mobile calling rates.
How can we spend as little as possible on mobile calling charges each month – and hack your household mobile call spending?

This topic is especially timely, given how Canada’s mobile calling rates are one of the world’s worst.
This may be the fault of “The Pricey Tree” – Bell, Rogers, Telus, Cogeco, Videotron and Comwave – that lock customers into very expensive calling plans. If you’re in one of the Pricey Tree’s plans, you are more likely to run out of call credits, you will have less minutes included, and the price of additional minutes will be more expensive than the rates of your friends and family around the world.

The solution is using apps such as RingCredible’s “Hacking your mobile phone bill tips,” which include the following:

– As long as your current plan runs with one of the traditional telcos: keep within the contracts minutes and don’t make long distance / international calls with ‘m.
– Download the RingCredible app – it doesn’t ask you to throw away your sim, but will work as an add-on – showing your current mobile number (caller id) in the screen of the receiver. The app is free and you will get some free trial credit (no conditions) to convince yourself of the ease of use, call quality and minute prices.
– For all international calls and out-of-contract minutes: use a solutions like RingCredible
– Compare rates – even within your area it might be a lot cheaper to use the RingCredible app for specific calls.
– As you only Pay-as-you-go with RingCredible, make sure to send your mobile number to ‘’ – you will get 20% additional call credit with your first 10 CAD or more top-up.

RingCredible’s solution is a great – and nearly free – calling choice, with the added benefit of offering the same user experience as when making a normal mobile call.

RingCredible is the next practical, affordable, secure and reliable solution in mobile VoIP calling, and a great choice along with other alternatives that help you hack your mobile phone rates. If you want to hack your phone bill, you have to start trying out these great new technologies.

About the Author (Wouter Van den Berg/ CMO at RingCredible)
Wouter is an early adaptor in the space of mobile VoIP technology. His company ‘RingCredible’ is a very successful mobile VoIP supplier in Europe, now expanding to North America in general and Canada more specific. Main reason? Canada is a beautiful country, with fantastic people. An international population that has a very open mind towards trying new stuff. But most and above all: Canadian people deserve fair telecom prices. In Wouter’s opinion telco pricing is very straight forward: buy calling minutes in bulk, put a fair margin on it and resell them to the end user – making it possible to offer $ 0.01 per minute rates for calls within Canada and to US and still make a decent profit. Rogers, Bell, Telus, Cogeco, Videotron and Comwave: carefully watch your business models!

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