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VoIP services hit the ground running ever since they were brought into the playing field of telecommunications. VoIP services have revamped the pricing structure of every type of medium currently available. Even though some companies have decided to keep their pricing structures unhindered even after the wave of relief VoIP services have brought to the wallets of many users. Our topic of discussion however will not be of these stubborn providers, however it will be to focus on the affordability of international calling via VoIP services as our medium. Throughout Canada, in fact the world, there are immigrants who are looking to connect with their loved ones abroad. Let us now discuss the top 5 best selling international calling plans in the realm of Canadian VoIP providers.


Phone Power is a VoIP provider that is strong to the core, they offer a variety of plans that are tailored to specific needs and implement charges at some of the most economical rates. Phone Power offers three different international calling plans. Before we talk about the pricing of these plans it is important to know the differences between each plan. The only difference is the amount of countries you can call with each individual plan. The Unlimited World plan would allow you to call 28 countries, the Unlimited World Plus plan would allow you to call 75 countries, while the Unlimited World Premium plan allows you to call up to 87 countries!

Now the features that come with each of these plans are the same, but very exciting! First and foremost, you’ll have a working smartphone app which is great for any VoIP service. Secondly you can keep your existing number for free, and while we’re talking about free, guess what, the activation fees are free too! You can send faxes to each of the listed countries, and you can enjoy a second cloned line as well. Now comes the part we’ve been waiting for; the pricing. The Unlimited World plan costs a meager $19.99 per month, the Unlimited World plus plan costs $24.95 per month, and the Unlimited World Premium plan costs a total of $49.95 per month. Did we mention that there is also a 30 day money back guarantee?


Yak is a well-known VoIP provider that boasts a large number of clientele across Canada thanks to the rates and services they offer. Yak international calling however might not be as up to par with their other services however. Yak doesn’t offer monthly international calling plans, however it does offer monthly paid international calling add-ons to existing plans. These add-ons are broken down by continents and regions.

The regions consist of North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. Each of these regions have a different add-on associated with them. In theory this is perhaps the best way of offering international calling services due to multiple reasons, the most important one being that most people who make regular international calls do so to one specific country, thus only one region is required.

Even though the regional break down structure is great, the pricing may need some holiday tweaking! To dial for 500 minutes with in North America you’d have to pay an extra $13.00 per month, for South America, $20.00, for the Caribbean $28.00 per 200 minutes, for Europe $17.00, and finally for Asia and Australia $10.00 per 400 minutes.


Rebtel is a very convenient long distance provider in terms of accessibility and ease of service. No waiting for activation or setup requests, all you have to do is download their app, and you’re good to go. They even throw in the added bonus of making your first call free so you can have a test drive of sorts for their service. There are two methods of paying whilst using Rebtel services, the first one being Rebtel credit, while allows you to dictate how much money you want to spend on a monthly basis rather than being hassled with a bill. Secondly you can opt into two different plans which are called the Max Saver and Big Saver. The pricing of these plans entirely depends on the country you want to access these plans for. Let us take a look at some of the most dialed countries from Canada such as the United Kingdom, China, and the Philippines.

For China specifically Rebtel offers an unlimited plan which lets you dial any number in China for the paltry charge of $6.65 dollars per month, now that’s a deal you can’t skip! To call the United Kingdom you’d be paying 6.65 dollars for every 500 minutes which isn’t at all a bad deal. 100 minutes of dialing the Philippines would cost a total of $14.95 which would have to be used with seven days.


A fairly new contender on the block, 1-VoIP have quickly gained positive acclaim wherever they go. They offer a single international plan which has multiple perks. The plan is called the Unlimited World plan and it allows for unlimited dialing across 30 various countries. Furthermore incoming calls are entirely free which we’re glad see considering some providers don’t even take the effort to mention incoming rates. With 1-VoIP you have no need to worry about contractual agreements as all of their plans don’t require you to be bound by a piece of paper. The hardware is included and the shipping is free (a word we’d never get tired of seeing). This plan is priced at a very low $23.97 per month and includes premium features such as voicemail to email, digital softphone, virtual fax, music on hold and many more.

The convenience of this plan however is not simply in the pricing, it is coupled in the features. It is absolutely wonderful to see providers such as 1-VoIP going up and beyond in terms of features included in the plans as it is one of the most integral aspects of any service.



Last but definitely not the least we have VoIP Much who employ a similar approach to that of Yak as it offers various regions as a part of their international scheme rather than a list of over 30 countries. You can choose two regions to add to your existing home phone plan at the charge of an extra $10.00 per month, which if you think about it, isn’t a bad deal at all. Calling your loved ones as much as you want for only an extra 10 bucks a month doesn’t sound too shabby at all to say the least. The two regions you can add to your plan consist of countries across the Americas, or Europe.

VoIP Much does however enforce a fair usage policy which can result in suspension, termination or alteration of a specific plan or service. These plans have a limit cap of 2,500 per month, and any call over four hours will be disconnected under suspicions of fraud. The plan can’t be considered unlimited at all thanks to this important information; though to be fair all providers have a variation of “fair usage” policy. With that said, 2,500 minutes (about 42 hours) of talking per month satisfies more than basic needs! In terms of pricing we believe that it is adequately fair and should definitely be given fair consideration.

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We at want to make sure you guys know what you’re getting yourselves into when opting into certain plans. Our suggestion to you, our fellow readers, is to research and know what to look for when opting into any VoIP service. For your convenience we have compiled a checklist that will assist you in making a calculated decision when choosing any VoIP service. It is also of the utmost important to know about VoIP services and their correlation with 911 and emergency dialing as it is important for your prolonged safety and well-being!

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