Phone Systems for Professionals Canada

Those who work in real estate, insurance, and other professional vocations that rely heavily upon client communication know the value of a great phone system. That is because clear voice communication is essential in establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. Other modes of communication, such as email, text messaging, and social media are also important, but nothing beats the touch of a direct, personal phone call. For that reason, whether you work for a major real estate agency, mortgage or insurance broker, or even run your own solo entrepreneurship, it’s important that you find a phone system that fits your needs and budget.

Fortunately, GoneVoIP has done some of the heavy liftings in this area. Above, you’ll find information on the top professional phone providers in your area, as well as a full directory of business phone providers in Canada. Before we get to all that, it’s important to highlight features for real estate agents and features for brokers that need to be part of any professional phone system package.

Landline Vs. Hosted PBX

While those operating solo entrepreneurship can likely get away with having a traditional landline, most businesses would be better off opting for a Hosted PBX phone system. The main advantage of a PBX is your service provider operates the cloud-based system, which means that all you need to worry about is having an IP Phone and internet connection. Hosted PBX systems also handle call routing and extensions - a key feature considering real estate agents and insurance brokers typically deal with a lot of clients. These systems aren’t as expensive as you might think either and when you combine the low cost with the features they offer, it’s hard not to recommend every professional go the Hosted PBX route.

Key Features Of A Professional Phone System

When it comes to specific features for real estate agents and features for brokers, there are some key ones to look out for, including the following:

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Informational Extensions
  • Virtual Numbers and Toll Free
  • Time of Day Routing
  • “Find Me” and “Follow Me” - receive calls at any location
The reason we’ve highlighted the above features is because they are all in service of a mobile work style. Real estate agents and insurance brokers are frequently required to be out of the office, so they need a phone system that lets them stay in communication with clients while on the go. Voicemail to Email is important in this regard because it notifies the agent or broker of a call while allowing them to deal with it at a later time. Taking a call while meeting with a client is simply a rude thing to do, which makes informational extensions so important. These features allow you to set up an auto attendant that lets customers learn more about property listings and other information.

No matter what specific features you’re looking for, it’s important that you find a professional VoIP phone system that fits your needs and budget. For more information, check out GoneVoIP’s up-to-date list of the best professional phone providers in Canada.
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