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Finding Business Phone Service Providers

Whether you are an established business, a trades contractor, an insurance broker or a startup there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP (VoIP) to satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s telecommunications needs.

The good old days with hefty long-distance charges and with expensive faxes are gone. With VoIP, today’s business phone systems needs are fully addressed, integrated fast and seamlessly to new and ever-evolving business trends. Here will review some of the top reasons why using or switching to VoIP allows all type of businesses to establish a stronger presence while capitalizing on the advantages and the savings.

Desk Phone Dialing

Business Phone Systems

Phone-based sales or customer service is not going away, it is not even declining a single bit. So for any business in the province of Ontario to remain competitive having a modern business phone system is a must. Though need to break the old line of thinking that because it is new is more expensive. That is exactly what a VoIP business phone service achieves. Let us review some of the main characteristics.

Richness in Features

Perhaps one of the most distinctive characteristics of VoIP for business is that it brings a vast array of features. These are the features that traditionally have been priced out of range for contractors or small business or even medium business had to budget a good portion of their yearly capital on. With VoIP features such as Call Forwarding, Fax to Email, Call Transfer, Smartphone Apps, Hunt Group, extension dialing, integration with CRM systems (such as Salesforce); IVR / Auto-Receptionist to direct inbound calls or Business Text SMS. These are just a small list of advanced features but put all these and what you get is key enablers for businesses to excel in their field.  Only a service leveraging Voice-Over IP allows having it all at a fraction of the price from the traditional business (hardware-based) telephony systems.


Another key enabler with a VoIP based solution is the ability to have an extraordinary calling flexibility. What does that translate into? Now is easier and cheaper than ever to have North America calling plans, toll-free numbers, very competitive national and international long-distance calling rates. A business VoIP phone system enables a business to have local virtual phone numbers regardless of where the business head office is. It allows the business to grow local identities, making sure their customers always have a local area number to dial. Another advantage is the integration of Smartphone Apps; which allows mobile workforces non-stop productivity. Making seamless and continuous productivity; whether they are on the road or in the office.


For as long a business is operating one thing is for sure; the telecommunications needs will continue to change and evolve. So should be the solutions used! A VoIP business phone system does enable your business to grow, without becoming a capital expense tax. With solutions such as cloud-based PBX, it is easier than ever before to add services as needed, when needed. This in turns allows businesses to focus on growing market share.

Learn more about the Best Business Phone Providers for medium to a large business in Ontario below.

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