A Question for Businesses: Are You Ready for VoIP?

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The VoIP bandwagon is picking up speed this early in 2014. And why not? There is true long term savings possible if your company switches to VoIP. This is on top of improving communication and work efficiency.

However, at this point, it is still not for everyone. Despite progress in VoIP and its supporting technologies, there are still conditions where a switch to VoIP may not be the best thing to do. Ask yourself these questions to determine if your company is ready for VoIP:

Will my company become more efficient and productive?

VoIP can improve how you do your work. Through data convergence, information is communicated faster horizontally and vertically within the organization, in a single office or across several offices/ branches. Operations can function more efficiently; and thereby become more productive.

Expect, however, that this will take a toll on your network and systems performance. Your data traffic will more than double. If your network and systems aren’t ready for this much traffic, productivity and profitability can be affected. Plus, there is a learning curve to VoIP adoption, which can lead to a dip in efficiency albeit temporarily.

Assess first. Will VoIP improve your efficiency and productivity in the long run?

Is my network ready?

Like we said previously, you will experience an increase in network traffic once you switch to VoIP. If your network is unsuitable for this amount of traffic, you will experience a slowdown in work, at the very least.

So, you need to consider the capacity of your current network. Being on a mediocre network doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t switch to VoIP. You may just need to set up your VoIP on a different network or upgrade your current one.

Do I have the budget for it?

Unfortunately, the long term savings and work flow improvements that go with switching to VoIP come with a sizable initial cost. This is not just about maintaining accounts with your VoIP service provider. You might need to sign up with a separate network service provider for your VoIP. Likewise, you will need to acquire SIP phones or ATA boxes. For big offices, an IP PBX or VoIP gateway will be necessary. All this can create a dent on your budget.

If you answered positively to all these questions, then yes, VoIP is for you. Make that big switch and begin to enjoy the benefits of digital telecommunications. Now you can look at Canada’s Business VoIP Leaders @; all leaders under one roof.  These all provide advanced solutions for of all type of business. This is a major commitment on a business owner, yet very rewarding as you gain in cost savings and advanced features;  so protect it by also implementing VoIP monitoring and testing, such as VoIP Spear, on your endpoints. Have a backup power plan in case of outages. Make the most of your VoIP by installing these safeguards.


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