5 Tips for Better Productivity In Your Healthcare Team

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Become a More Effective Leader with the Following 5 Strategies

Being a leader in the healthcare industry implies a myriad of important responsibilities. And working hard to inspire productivity in your team is one of the best ways of actually meeting all the objectives that you must accomplish. Doing so will allow you to best utilize resources to improve the lives of patients and the job experience of your fellow healthcare professionals. Here are a few tips for helping your team be more productive in day to day operations.

1. Reward Talent In Concrete Ways. Everyone on your team should know that hard work, innovation, and genuine care for the patient never goes unnoticed. You should constantly be developing strategies for recognizing and rewarding high quality healthcare work. This will help inspire the entire team to do a better job, and it will also make retaining your top performers much easier.

2. Make Customer Service Matter. Although the phrase “customer service” might seem a bit out of place in the healthcare world, the truth is that it can make a big difference for patients, thus setting a better tone for the entire treatment process. For example, a front desk receptionist who treats a patient’s concerns as a valid, serious matter will likely lead to a happier, more cooperative patient who does a better job of bringing in the paperwork and tests that they need to in order to facilitate a quick and effective treatment workflow.

3. Accept That Change Can Be A Good Thing. We are in an era where technology is changing almost every aspect of nearly every job on the market — and healthcare is certainly no exception. Whether these are life-saving treatment innovations that alter the way healthcare workers interact with patients, or an organizational innovation that allows for better communication and information sharing, the positive implications are oftentimes very powerful. Nonetheless, many teams are resistant to changing existing processes. Building a culture where change is accepted and challenges are embraced will lead to a stronger, more productive healthcare team.

4. Understand That Healthcare is a Business. This may sound like a negative thing — but when we say “healthcare is a business” we are by no means trying to imply that patients should be treated as a source of profit. Rather, the point that healthcare professionals should keep in mind is that utilizing resources strategically (and finding the best ways of increasing resources) is key to providing patients with the care that they deserve. This is why integrating business-grade productivity solutions should always be on the minds of healthcare leaders.

5. Build a Vision. Every healthcare team shares the core vision of saving lives and improving patient outcomes. But what makes your team special? What sets you apart from other healthcare organizations? Would you trust your own family in the hands of your team, and if so, why? Answering these questions will help inform and inspire the decisions you make as a healthcare leader.

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