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2017 The Year in the Rear View Mirror

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It is time to look back on the year that it was. Certainly, 2017 offers unquestionably lessons to be learned. We saw the landline decline is a trend that is beyond the point of no return. For over 140 years of landlines had dominated the telecommunications, but no more. The gap in innovations continues to increase and price differential continues to be in favor of digital home phones.

Most clear  2017 was the year of the Business embracing VoIP (Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX). Through the thousands of Quotes, we have seen the expressed interest of Businesses of all sizes to switch/ditch traditional landlines. The needs are very unique to each business. But certainly, more and more businesses are finding their answers with VoIP based solutions. From opening a new branch in another location, having unlimited internal extensions to the ability to have a mobile workforce reachable at all times, to seamless integration with other business systems VoIP is the right choice.

Let review the best and popular in each category.

BEST of  2017

Home Phone

  • VoIP Much
    • This is a company that year after year continues to improve. Early this year acquired VBuzzer and continues to delight customers with the right combination of price, features and customer care. By selecting VoIP Much you are sure to have no reason to look back!
  • Phone Power
    • Over 45 Features included, international calling minutes included, free adaptor, free shipping, free keep your existing number and much more! Phone Power continues to be a top choice.

Business Phone 

  • RingCentral
    • Market experience, flexible plans, demo, multiple integrations points are making businesses decisions to switch even easier.
  • Versature
    • Leading Cloud-based solutions, providing powerful insights into business’ operations. Empowering companies with permanent innovation, such as Google Chrome Extension, a complete Client Portal and more!


  • Heronet
    • Nowadays when you say you need the internet it is typical to ask for “unlimited & fast” and that is exactly what you get with Heronet. You also get a fair price and excellent customer care.

Popular in 2017

Home Phone

  • Yak
    • In 2017 Yak joined the Distributel family and continues to be a top choice for our visitors.
  • 1-VoIP
    • Flexibility, fair pricing, incredible features, and top-notch customer care continue to make 1-VoIP a popular choice this year!

Business Phone

  • 1-VoIP
    • A cloud solution for your business with so many features that is mind-boggling. Coupled with a nice pricing structure make 1-VoIP a popular choice for businesses.

Worst of 2017

  • Comwave Home Phone & Comwave Internet
    • Once again it is the same provider we get the most negative reviews and feelings. Did you know that besides the reviews, we get about 10 calls per month from dissatisfied Comwave customers? Desperate looking to resolve their issues. We sincerely hope 2018 will see a change, perhaps Tie Domi starts giving a hand to Comwave customers?
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